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unclog the Pipeline: How to Shorten Sales Cycles and Win More Deals


Join the first offering in the 3-part Executive Sales Series offered by Oasis Solutions: Unclog The Pipeline: How To Shorten Sales Cycles and Win More Deals at 2 PM ET Tuesday July 7th or Tuesday, July 14th. Pick the date/time that best fits your schedule.

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Part 2:Winning on the Hill: Gaining Ground on the Competition on July 21st or July 28th: Register Here

Part 3:
Scalable Sales Models that Work for 2020 and Beyond on August 4th or August 11th: Register Here

Matt Simons, VP of Business Development (see bio) at Oasis Solutions and Amy (Romines) Rudy, Chief Impact Officer (see bio) at Impact Sales Systems,  will discuss tactics for shortening your sales cycles and strategies for winning more deals as well as the current state of sales such as:

  • How have modern buying teams changed and why?
  • What sales processes are slowing deals down and how can we change to create an advantage?
  • Why weak messaging can disqualify you from the deal.
  • 4 strategies to increase sales effectiveness.

Come prepared with questions for the interactive Q&A at the end of the session.

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